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Welcome to Let’s Brew

Your local homebrew supply store!
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Welcome to Let’s Brew!

Let’s Brew is a Cape Town based homebrew supply store located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Our passion is brewing. Our owner Neal de Kock is an active homebrewer who brews almost every week. Our store is open.

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Brewers are welcome to pop-in during our trading hours to have a chat about their next brew, create a recipe or shop the essentials. Everything we have in stock is listed on our website. Unsure about a substitute for a hop or malt, drop us an email or give us a call and we can recommend the perfect alternative.

Brew Buddy

Brewing is an intricate relationship between the brewer and their equipment where the brewer expertly utilises their skill, time, temperature and equipment to extract the full potential of the ingredients they
have specifically selected to craft their next beer. 

Brew Buddy is a brand of brewing equipment developed specifically for Homebrewers by Let’s Brew

Get your own Brew Buddy