Chocolate Stout

This delicious winter warmer takes some time to brew, but it is certainly worth the wait. Packed with loads of chocolate flavour, this beer goes down well next to a fire on a cold winters evening. Strong enough to be warming, but coming in at under 6% abv it is lite enough not to leave you knocked out.


Makes 23L

Brew House efficiency 72%

ABV: 5.9%

Mash Profile: Mash for 60mins at 67C, Mash out at 75C if you can.

Boil: Boil for 60mins

Fermentation: Primary for 14 days, Pitch at 16C and hold for 4 days, allow to free rise to 20C and hold for remainder of 14 days fermentation. Secondary fermentation for 2 to 6 weeks. Can be moved to keg or secondary fermenter or left in primary fermenter.


4.5kg Maris Otter

0.5kg Caramunuch III

0.5kg Chocolate Malt

0.5kg Rolled Oats

0.225kg Carafa III

0.235kg Lactose (I boiled in half a cup of water for 5mins and added to the wort in the fermenter)


Hops / Boil additions:

100g Hersbrucker (2.6%) at 60mins

30 Willamette (4.2%) at 15mins

85g Cocoa powder


Yeast: Lallemand Notthingham Yeast (11g)


Secondary Fermention additions:

2 to 4 Vanilla pods sliced open lengthwise soaked in 250ml Jack Daniel’s for 14 days (note prepare this on your brew day)


Carbonate to 2.4 volumes of CO2


This beer will get better with age so don’t rush drinking it.